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  Container Depot
Container Depot

1 What are the repair facilities provided by IJS ?
  IJS repair facilities include:
  1. In-house workshop to increase productivity.
  2. Advance repair tools that include forklift and side loader.
  3. Sizeable workshop area (30 x 60 meter) that accommodates ± 60 TEUs and external-workshop repair area that has capacity for ± 110 TEUs.
  4. Skilled and experienced workforce.
2 What repair system applied by IJS ?
  IJS applies standardized container repair management.
3 How does IJS performs its repairing process ?
  1. IJS conducts standardized repairing process.
  2. IJS utilizes genuine and standardized repair material.
  3. After repairing process, container is strictly controlled by IJS Quality Control team

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