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  Container Depot
Container Depot
1 What is the capacity of IJS Warehouse ?
  IJS operates a 5,500 m² commercial warehouse and two warehouse units (bonded and temporary stacking warehouse) under Indonesia’s Custom Service inspection that have a total capacity of 4,500 m². Outside the container depot, IJS also owns 5 units of commercial warehouse with a total area of 700 m².
2 What type of warehousing system performed by IJS ?
  IJS operates commercial warehouse that utilizes online computerizing system, strictly applied FIFO arrangement and effective warehousing equipments management. Built on chassis height, the warehouse ground facilitates faster and easier loading and unloading process.
3 Does IJS provide assistance for their customers to manage custom problems ?
  In cooperation with Indonesia’s Custom Service, IJS has built Bonded Warehouse. This facility is supported by an in-house EMKL that can handle all banking and custom matters, which therefore reduce transport costs and accelerate cargo clearance.




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